Welcome To How I Save Money!

I work in a little place where we have a staff of about 12 people. Since we are so small, everyone tends to be all up in everyone else’s business and they talk a lot about whatΒ  is going on.

There is a man who comes to the workplace to sell fruits and vegetables at $44.50 a box. The box contains an assortment of things like grapefruits, bananas, sweet potatoes, strawberries and green beans to name a few. The man only takes cash or checks (understandably) and wants to be paid on the spot.

Now I do not carry cash and have no clue where my check book is since I have not written a check in a looooooooooong time.

I told the secretary that I was not interested in purchasing anything so do not add my name to the list. This immediately set a few of my coworkers off since they were buying boxes of items and I was not.

I explained that:

1. I am not interested

2. I don’t carry cash or checks

One person offered to pay the man and then I would repay him the next day. I said AGAIN that I was not interested because I did not want the things in the box (like the dreaded green beans). I thought that I could get a lot more fruits and vegetables for $44.50 than he was offering, even though it was quite an impressive spread.

I heard people mumbling under their breath that I really should have gotten something from the guy since he came all the way.

Now my question is…..did I ask him to come? No.

So why should I be obligated to buy something?

I decided to keep my money because I could spend $44.50 at WalMart and get a TON of the stuff that I actually want and not get any green beans or cantaloupe which I don’t want.

Another coworker then said it is not worth the hassle of going to WalMart to have to pick out the stuff myself and stand in the checkout to get it when the guy had it already boxed up. Hmmm I like to pay for convenience sometimes but in this case it just not worth it.

Do you buy stuff at work just because someone is going around selling it?