I came in under budget for October by just barely $43.27. Ouch!!! But it could be $1 and I would be happy just knowing that I am in the black for one more month and making progress on reducing debts.

I went way over budget in the food category because I sort of lost my mind and ate a lot of Taco Bell. I know this is not an excuse but I was sick a lot and just felt too lazy to cook so I ended up running to T.B. to get things to eat during the week.

I also technically went over the credit card category by making a big snowflake payment to the LASIK card so that I could get rid of the balance on it. I will be making the final payment to the LASIK card this month and will start the new year free of that debt.

I was also over the car budget because I bought new tires and I will be getting the second set of tires this month as well. This money is coming out of savings so I am not increasing debt but it just means that the emergency fund is dwindling. I will NOT take money out of my Never Go Back To Fresno Fund but my emergency fund just looks sad right now.