I have written many times about using both Lending Club and Prosper for investments. I have made small loans to others on both of those sites so that I can make some more money to tackle my debt.

I also got a loan on Lending Club that I used to consolidate my credit card debt to a lower rate bundle. Lending Club was silent for a little while because they were going through a registration process. This meant that you could not lend any more money than what you had already put in.

I got an email from Lending Club saying that they are now open once more for new lenders. If you wish to lend money all you have to do is follow this link to open a new account.

I also received an email from Prosper, where they are now closing access to new lenders for a while. Prosper is going through the same registration process that Lending Club went through so they are not accepting new lending commitments at present.

I guess that with the craziness of this financial crisis more people are turning to peer to peer lending to get money for the things they need. Go ahead and ope your Lending Club account and get a higher rate of return on your money.

Be aware that there is a risk involved, with people not being able to repay the loans. I currently have 10 loans out at Lending Club and one of them is late. I made the minimum loan of $25 on each loan at the time I set them up so that I could spread out my risk better.