I spent about an hour on the phone today double checking and verifying what Geico was offering for my insurance.

It still came to a better sounding figure for the six month period than what Allstate offered. Then I spoke to Allstate again and they took it down $200 but that is still $200 more than Geico with less coverage.

As soon as I get home I am calling Geico back and making the switch. I will have to pay a prorated amount to Allstate for what I was not charged in January plus pay the initial amount for Geico but the total of the two just may be less than the total February Allstate bill.

I am sorry this had to happen but I cannot believe the difference in the rates. Can you say wow!

How can Allstate not offer me…..a five year accident and claim free customer…a lower rate than Geico?

It really is all about the money and since Geico can save me some money I am going with them.