I have a Discover card that gives cash back in the form of the Discover Cashback bonus. I love this card because even though the categories rotate, you can get 5% cash back from purchases in different categories.

I have the notifications sent to me and simply click to activate my Discover Cashback bonus categories every time they change. The one thing I did not like about this program is that you had to wait to build up a certain level before you could cash out. Many other credit card companies do the same thing but I really don’t like waiting until I have a minimum of $20 or even $25 before I can redeem my rewards.

Discover added the option to get a statement credit if your bonus was at least one penny and that made redemption much easier. I shop on Amazon a lot and noticed that you could use your Discover Cashback bonus to pay for purchases as well, but I never paid attention.

I was getting an item recently and decided to use my Discover card because the 5% is on Amazon this month. The option then popped up for me to use my bonus to help pay for my purchase.

The bonus reduced my purchase amount so I was happy with the lower bill and not having the hassle of doing a statement credit or waiting to build up a tolerable redemption amount.

I can’t believe I haven’t done this in the past!!!