I signed up for a Yo It’s me credit card where they were supposed to give you a $5 card for trying out the service. I was skeptical but tried it anyway and …..the card came in the mail today. The thing is that you are supposed to be able to check your balance online but the site would not let me sign in using the information provided.

Then I tried to call but only got a voicemail. So I am guessing that maybe this one is one of those things that do not work. If you are interested anyway you can go to www.yoitsme.com and try to get one of those cards.

When you do get the email I would advise you to just the $5 card without putting any of your own money into the system. If your $5 does work then you can always go back and request another offer.

The thing with the card is that it acts like a prepaid credit card but you do not have to give them your social security number and there is no credit check so you should be safe. I will check up on my card again and I will let my readers know what the outcome really turns out to be.