So January brings new resolutions and still having to deal with old issues. I am talking about TAXES!!! It is once again time to start seriously thinking about taxes.  You should be preparing for your taxes all year round but since the documents start rolling in around this time it really brings taxes to the forefront.

I will be getting some paper documents mailed to me but more and more of my financial institutions are delivering my tax documents electronically.

This means I now have to look for my tax information in two different places to make sure I have everything that I need. Luckily the electronic versions of most documents means that they can be imported directly in my tax software, saving me the trouble of typing in a lot of information.

If you are getting paper documents rolling in make sure to keep them in a dedicated folder so they do not get lost. If you have electronic versions coming I would suggest you also keep a dedicated folder on your computer for those as well.

When you are ready to actually file your taxes you only need to look in two separate places. One folder with the paper documents and one with the electronic versions of all your information. Taxes are never fun but you can make them easy if you plan ahead!