I have started shopping at Ross again to save money on certain items. For those who don’t know, Ross is an outlet store that offers reduced prices on certain branded items.

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I had been staying away from Ross for a while just because it was not as convenient as going to the mall where I had a wider variety of stores to choose from. I recently found a sheet set for the same price that I normally get at my regular shopping places BUT this one had four pillowcases instead of the normal two. I know this may not seem like a big deal to many of you but if you like your bed to look decorative then the extra cases make a nice backdrop.

Being able to pay less for items at Ross is really helping me to stay within budget because I have been able to get some really nice pieces at a low price.

budget (1)

I also love candles from Bath and Body Works but you know they can be really expensive unless there is a sale. I decided to take a risk and look at some candles from Ross and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were they comparable when you look at the size for the price but they also had a very strong throw and burned well, in addition to looking good.

In the distant past I was also able to get a very nice metallic trash can for the bathroom, at a price that was MUCH  lower than Walmart as well.