I am doing a load of laundry right now and that is running me $2.25. I was going to do another load but I have divided the remaining clothes into two piles and each one is too small to justify spending more money on right now.

I may decide to go ahead and combine some from the two piles to make one (although I am not sure how I am going to do that just yet given the nature of the clothes) and get one more load in since it is soooooooooo nice outside today.

I am also thinking of going to take a walk outside today to get my exercise in. What’s that you say? I should run?


I think I will walk thank you very much. I am not up to running yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

Next week when I go down to spend Spring Break with Honey I will be able to use the on site gym so I will bring a couple of books down and WALK on the treadmill there while I read.

I will have to find something to do since I will be in the apartment ALL DAY until he comes home from work.