I recently wrote about getting 3 cents off gas when you use your gas card. Well those gas cards were run by Circle K-Citgo gas stations.

All of the Circle K-Citgo stores have been replaced with Valero gas stations.

Valero does not offer the gas card with the 3 cent per gallon discount.

I guess those gas savings are all gone now?

Where oh where did Citgo go?

Now I have to pay regular price for gas just like everyone else who did not have a Citgo card. I am mad!

Maybe when it gets warmer I will ride a bicycle to school to save money.

Hmmm good idea. Now to get a bike!

That would be a good idea since I really need to work out consistently but do not.

Anyway, I am off to look at my accounts to see what else I can do to save some money and reduce my debts!