One of the best cards I have found for daily use is the Paypal card. It is a debit card that you link to a paypal account. You can then link this account to your checking account for backup or have it as a stand alone account.The card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases. When you think about it you may say that 1% is not a lot to get back. Now compare this 1% cash back to 0% which is what you get when you use all your other debit cards. Now does it make a difference?Using your debit card is a good way to help reduce your debt because you get the convenience of swiping a card but it is just like using cash because you know you must have the funds to cover the purchases you are about to make. If you are going to operate on a cash only basis wouldn?t you prefer to get 1% of what you spent back instead of nothing?It makes sense to me and the 1% adds up over time and can help offset those other charges or interest payments in the future.

Think of all the times you use cash to purchase a gas card. Wait?you ARE using a prepaid gas card right? The kind that can save you 3 cents or more per gallon?.which adds up over those long trips! If you are then BRAVO!!!! If not?well all I can say is you better hurry up and get one. Anyway..moving right along. You use your debit card to purchase a gas card and save 3 cents per gallon on the gas card. If you spend $30.00 on the card then you will get 30 cents cash back on your card.

Today someone pointed out to me that the statements I just crossed out are false. I apologize. You would have to use the card as a debit card to purchase the gas card because they do not accept credit cards for gas card refills. The cash back option applies everywhere else that CREDIT cards are accepted. Thanks to BazL for pointing this out!

30 cents? That?s all? That won?t even get me a soda out of the vending machine you say. But wait, that 30 cents was just for one fill up. Multiply that by the number of times you fill up in a week and add in the 3 cents per gallon savings and you will see some usefulness in using your Paypal card.

Then look at all of your other expenses for the month?.food, clothes,subscriptions,bills etc and you can see the 1% really start to add up. For those of us on a strict budget this will provide some measure of comfort?..I know it does for me!!!!