ING Direct: The Dark Side of Online Banking?

Here is an interesting post I found on ING banking services.

I managed to find everything ING required eventually, but it was painful. I worry about the the poor guy who changes phones, gets divorced, moves, or for some reason manages to lose his account number. I?m sure ING is wonderful ? until you have a problem.

I have used ING for a few years now and I have never had a problem so I guess this statement makes sense. I have always found the site easy to use and did not have all of the problems with customer service that were mentioned in the article.I don’t understand why the person would say that the only way to get your money is to basically jump backward through burning hoops. I use ING all the time with no trouble. You log on to the site and click on the transfer tab and transfer money to and from your linked account.

It takes few days for the transfer to go through but it is not an unreasonable amount of time in my opinion. I think it takes an average of two days more than it takes for my Paypal transfers to go through. Is it really going to kill this person to wait 4 days for the funds to become available.

It is also very easy to change your information online…..after all it is an online bank. Again, you log in and presto changeo! They email you and send you a letter

The only thing that may be slightly annoying is the fact that you have to put in your customer number and pin each time you log in from a dedicated computer. Those are not numbers that the average person would have chosen and are not as easy to remember as a password.

If you try to log in from a computer that you have not designated as ‘safe’ then you have to verify your secret questions. However, when you think of the alternative of someone having access to your customer number you get to appreciate the security measures.

I have not had to close my account with ING……because I do LOVE my Orange account but I think it is a hassle to close an account anywhere because banks do not want to lose your business.

I love ING and I recommend it to everyone!