It is time for the Bath and Body Works Fall sale!!! This a good sale to stock up on your favorite items. Read on to find out more about the sale this year.

(If you are not reading this post at or in your feed reader, it may have been stolen from my site.)

I love Bath and Body Works candles and the rest of their stuff is pretty good as well. I just got the notification about their fall sale, which is different from the semi annual sale.

What you get

This sale gives you the following items:

-50% off selected items

-20% off your entire purchase (using the emailed coupon)

In this case the 3-wick candles are normally $24.50. The 50% off sale takes that to $12.25 for selected candles. After adding in the tax and taking off the discount..I will pay $10.61 per candle.

This is a great deal on these expensive candles and is second only to the ‘Candle Day’ sale where there is the possibility of getting them for $10 or less.

I am interested in a few candles so if I get the chance I may drop by the mall to see if they are available.