Shawn tagged me on this Obsessive Thoughts thing. The rules are simple:

  1. Link back to the person who tagged you
  2. List five of your obsessions
  3. Tag five other bloggers to list their obsessive thoughts.

Now first of all I have no idea why Shawn would think I have obsessive thoughts….but he is correct so here I go:

Money: I am constantly thinking about money or my lack thereof. I have been a student for soooooooooooo long and I have been in debt for the entire duration. I am always thinking of how I can cut costs so that I can have some money of my own…money that is not slated for bill payments or food. Still waiting for that day to come. I am always looking for ways to make my money make money and I love online banking because it makes everything so easy to track. I created my own Excel spreadsheets to track my finances years ago and I was overjoyed when I finally got Microsoft money to make the job easier. I balance my checkbook (on the few occasions that I write checks) immediately after doing a transaction so at any point in time I can tell you EXACTLY how much money I have in that account. No waiting on the float system for me.

My stats (like Shawn): I check my email constantly during the day. I also check my Technorati ranking and Google adsense multiple times during the day. I check my feeds constantly because I want to be up to date on what people are writing. I have become obsessed with the world of blogging since I started and even if I don’t have anything to write I can still be seen hunched over the computer reading other people’s blogs. Honey says I am like a crack addict trying to get a fix. He has recently started tapping his vein in his forearm and saying that is what I look like. I can’t help it….anyway I did already admit that I am a blogholic.

Teeth: I am constantly checking out my teeth to make sure there is nothing stuck in them. When I meet someone I must look at his or her teeth because I believe that your teeth tell a lot about you. Now if your teeth are crooked there is not much that you can do on a daily basis. I have used Crest Whitestrips because I love to see white teeth and I drink coffee and tea all day long. I just like to see nice looking teeth…but they do not have to look like Chicklets.

Falling: If you ever look at my flip flops you will see that I always have worn out spots where the big toes are before any other part of the shoe. I have this thing about falling and I actually grip my shoes in an effort to keep stable even though I know I will not fall. That is one reason why I do not like high heeled shoes (all the women reading this gasp in shock!) and so I own only very moderate heeled shoes….which I only wear on ‘special occasions’.

Potatoes: Yes that’s right I said potatoes. I just LOVE potato salad and potato chips and mashed potatoes (both the box kind and from scratch). I love potato pie and shepherd’s pie….in fact I love anything that you can make with potatoes. I would eat some form of potato every day if I could….but I realize how strange that is so I don’t do it. Plus I hate to peel the potatoes.

(I just found that I could post in different colors today so I am having fun with that. I always wondered if this template had the options to allow me to change the font color and I was disappointed every day when I was not able to do it. I just found the color button…so expect some rainbow posting soon.)

I am tagging Baz, Jagular, No Credit Needed, Millionster, and MyFinancial Odyssey.