Welcome to my daily tracking of income and expenses for the month.

I sent off a payment to one of the credit cards today in the amount of $22.00. I found 11 cents on the ground. Actually I saw this money lying on the floor of the bus in the morning when I went to school at 9. It was right on the step into the bus and I thought someone would pick it up because the bus runs every 15 minutes from 7:40 am to 8:00pm.

When I got on the bus at 7pm the money was still there so I took it. Hurray for me!

Income for the day: $0.11

Expenses for the day: #22.00

Income for the month to date: $392.34

Expenses for the month to date: $394.41

Net effect: -$2.07

Did I save money: Nope. Now I have entered the negative figures.

Are your figures negative yet Shawn?