The month of July was a little rough for me and I came out $312.13 in the red when it comes to cash flow. Part of this shortfall was due to being in an accident and having to pay the deductible on my own because the other driver was uninsured.

I was able to pay the deductible from the Car Fund so that was not a big issue for me but it still means that I had to take away from my savings for the future. I did not have to touch my emergency fund at all because there was enough in the car fund to cover the expenses but it just means that I am a little behind on getting my Lexus.

We have been getting some really high temperatures recently and it has been over 100 EVERY SINGLE day. Even with the fan running I still need to have the air conditioning going in order to be comfortable so the next few electric bills continue to be over $100 as well.

Areas where I remained under budget are:

-Home (even with making deposits to my House Downpayment fund)



Areas where I went over budget are:


– Food (I was $59.09 over)


I received a total of $29.34 from Lending Club, which allowed me to fund a new $25 loan and I will continue to keep investing there as long as the returns come up to that amount.

I did not redeem any coupons but I also did not buy the paper so there was a net coupon usage of $0 for the month. I spent $89.34 on gas which is WAY higher than what I usually spend and much higher than my budget of $75, but I spent that because of the rental after the accident.

I am looking forward to getting back under the budget in August to make up for the shortfall in cash flow and I am currently at -$863.28 for the year with regards to cash flow. I have $6000 in the emergency fund should I need to use it (and miscellaneous amounts in other mini ING accounts) but I am confident that I WILL have a new job by the end of August so I can start rebuilding my reserves once more.