I decided to close off one of my old checking accounts in an effort to further streamline my finances. It was a checking account that I got while in college and it did not pay interest. I only kept that account active because it was linked to my Prosper account and I needed to keep it open so my payments could come in. I kept about $15 at at time in there and had ING pull $5 automatically from it every month so that my money would not be idle in that account.

I finally got all of my money out of Prosper and since I decided to focus on Lending Club, which is linked to my ING accounts I finally have no need for that checking account. I stopped the recurring transfers in and out of the account and withdrew most of the money that was in there.

I thought I could get them to close the account while it still had a balance and I would get a refund check but in this case that was not possible. I had to get the account to a zero balance and then call them to close the account. This has made my budgeting a little bit more streamlined and it is just one less account I have to check up on.