I am not getting married BUT I have been reading a few bridal magazines lately. I found out that many people tend to go overboard and go over their budgets when a wedding comes around.

Here is a wedding money mistake that people often make.

3. Falling To Peer Pressure

This is also know as Keeping Up With The Joneses and is the cause for many wedding budget overruns. You do not have to take advice from EVERYONE who has gotten married (AND all those who WISH they were getting married) when it comes to plannning your wedding.

The wedding is about the two of you and what you like. You can listen to suggestions from friends but you do not have to get a horse drawn carriage because Sally Mae thinks it would be wonderful. Your friends may encourage you to have the wedding that they wish they could have because they really do want to see you happy. They think that because they like something you will like it too…but be sure to stick to your own likes and needs when deciding what to have at your wedding.

Stick to the plan and do not let people steer you in the wrong direction or you will end up spending way too much on that wedding.