I have tried to stick to a budget and even implemented a zero based budget that I generally meet on a monthly basis. However there are times when I do go over my budget…I am only human!

I have found that my biggest budget buster is ….

The times when I have gone over my budget it was due to too many trips to WallyWorld to get various items. I do make a shopping list and stick to it but I find myself adding things to the shopping list as they get low and then running back to the store to stock up the pantry for the end of days. The only thing that I really need to get on a weekly basis is fruit as that tends to go ripe after a few days and I like my fruit a little on the green side.

I also have a bad weakness for bath gels and body splashes, especially since my favorite scents usually get discontinued and I have a hard time trying to find it.

It does not help that I live less than two miles from Walmart so I keep thinking I can just run to the store to get something and then I come home with something extra. I need to really go no more than twice a week so that I can stay on track.