I am annoyed again today. I went online to check on my grades for the last semester and there is a hold on my account. WHY?

Well I backtracked and saw that there is an outstanding balance of $34.50 on my account at the school. “But how can this be?” I gasp, since I have a scholarship that paid my balance IN FULL at the beginning of the semester. Well the powers that be have decided to charge me an international student tax on December 15th…the last day of school….WAAAAAAAAAAAAY after all my scholarship money has gone through. What is this tax? I will find out tomorrow when the business office reopens. The thing is I don’t understand why this is coming up now…at the END of the semester. What happened to charging things when all the other charges were going through at the BEGINNING of the semester? You know that time when you get a bill and they say you can’t register for classes until it is paid? So then you make your budget and pay the amount!

This ‘tax’ whatever it stands for is coming out now at the end of the semester which makes no sense to me. What happened between September when I paid my bill and now? You had better believe that they will be getting a call at 8:00 am as soon as they are open because I need an explanation of this hold on my account.