LoudLaunch is getting ready to blast off on December 26th and so many of us are anxiously waiting for that day. LoudLaunch is another service where bloggers can get paid for writing reviews and the pay ranges from $5 to up to $200! Loud Launch requires that you know the type of post…..so don’t try to hide a paid post among other non paid ones or pretend that you are not being paid for your opinion.

One of the things I like most about LoudLaunch is that they do not require a positive review of the advertiser (although that would most likely bring you more requests).

I think LoudLaunch is a great idea and I fully support the paid posting models. I think this is just like a celebrity endorsing a product and as long as you know it is a paid posting and you are being honest then more power to you!

By the way I am NOT getting paid for this posting by LoudLaunch or any other posting service. This is simply my personal hats off to LoudLaunch as I wait for them to become fully functional!!!!