Wow I just got a surge in traffic because of a post Jagular wrote. He was talking about Alexa rankings and said he did something to show his links to other sites. I am not sure if that was the direct case but I just checked my Google Analytics and saw that I had over 100 new visitors that came through my site from Jagular.So whatever you did, thanks for the traffic surge.

I went on to Alexa and saw that they were saying that I did not have any incoming links to my site. This makes no sense because Technorati shows all the incoming links. I do not understand Alexa or how to even fix it. I did add in the links from the people in my blogroll to the Alexa ‘suggested links’ so the people on my blogroll should see some traffic increases in the next few days.

While you’re at it folks why not head over to Alexa and claim your blog and suggest some links (from your blogroll) too. It doesn’t hurt and it only helps to strengthen all of our positions on the net.