Welcome to the February 13, 2007 edition of credit report stories.

Laura Young presents Has Your Identity Been Stolen? Make Sure You Check! posted at Dragon Slayer, saying, “I discovered my identity was stolen during a refinancing of our home. My 86 year old mother-in-law just had hers stolen too. Here are somethings you should know.”

John Barker presents John Barker’s Mortgage Blog: Is my mortgage company selling my name to mailing lists? posted at John Barker’s Mortgage Blog, saying, “Too many consumers are often unaware of trigger lists – but they need to know how they are used and that their banks and mortgage companies are not the culprits. They also need to know how to protect themselves and their personal information.”

Lulugal presents Credit report update posted at Save Money.

Steve Faber presents A Good Technique to Raise My Credit Score? posted at DebtBlog.

1mil presents 10 Ways to 1-Up Your Credit Score posted at Millionster.com, saying, “How to improve credit score. My most popular article! =)
Tricia presents http://www.bloggingawaydebt.com/2007/02/a-simple-click-and-my-credit-card-gave-me-some-more-rope/” >A Simple Click and My Credit Card Gave Me Some More Rope posted at

http://www.bloggingawaydebt.com” >Blogging Away Debt.

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