Every year Catholics around the world give up something or make a sacrifice for Lent as part of our belief. This is to help us refocus our lives on what is really important by showing us what we can do without.

You can choose to either

  • -do less of something ‘bad’
  • -do more of something good

This year I decided to give up sweets and sweet treats as my way of doing less of something bad. I do tend to eat a lot of sugar over the course of the day and I know that too much of that is not good for me at all. I did try to get a little healthier by using honey instead of white sugar because I tend to use less honey as the taste is stronger.

I have found that my weight is slowly creeping back up again and I know that it is partly due to the increased sugar intake in the form of ice cream and cheesecake every now and then.

I have now cut off all of those sugary treats and will rely on fresh fruit as my dessert during Lent. I have also reduced my honey use from one full teaspoon to half a teaspoon and I hope to be able to cut even that amount down from my tea before the end of Lent.

What is your sacrifice this year?