In response to a comment I received on my post Missed Out on a Penny I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not stingy. This site is dedicated to the ways that I save money in my life.

One of the ways I increase my cash statement is to pick up money I find on the ground if no one else claims it. If I found a huge wad of cash it is obviously something that someone would miss so I would do the right thing and report it.

I was not fanatical about the penny, that post was just for a little bit of humor for the day. It was funny to me but I was not hovering around the lady trying to? get the penny. I just went about my day as normal.

I am not stingy and all crazy about saving money……I just like to see more money coming in than going out. I will splurge when I think it is necessary….but then I balance that out by looking for deals and discounts when I can.