Welcome to How I Save Money.

I like taking pictures of things that I buy, especially my CVS purchases….but I do not own a digital camera. I would REALLY love to have one so that I can take pics to put up on the blog but since that is not an essential purchase all I can do now is just wish.

I got a GPS for my birthday so I guess my allocation of electorics is done for the rest of the year. If I had the money I would like to get this camera because it looks so good and it has some great features.

It has a Smile Mode which allows the camera to sense when the subject is smiling and then it captures the smile. How cool is that? The Blink feature alerts you when someone has blinked and lets you immediately retake the shot. Now this a fabulous feature for me because I am always blinking in pictures.

Oh I want this camera.

Oh I don’t have the money…with being in debt and with helping mother with the medical bills…but I can dream right?