Today is Clever Dude’s Birthday and while he is feeling old, I think he should have entitled the post Clever Dude is Now Officially Older and Wiser.

He has set out a list of things he accomplished in his 20s and things he hopes to accomplish in his 30s, which is a good way of measuring what you have done and what you plan to do.

He has also listed the things he got for his birthday, which are nowhere as good as what I got for MY birthday. Just joking….as long as he got what he wanted then what the exact items are do not matter.

Here is a cake to help you celebrate…sorry I already took a slice out.

It is good that you accomplished all the goals for your twenties and I hope that in the next ten years we can look back on what you wrote here and see if you accomplished those you set for your thirties.

And stop thinking of yourself as ‘old’….I am close to your age (on the younger side) but I don’t think of myself as getting old.

Enjoy the rest of your day and know that you are just wiser….maybe you need to change your name to Even More Clever Dude.