I was recently made aware of a trend in wedding registries called the Honeymoon registry. This is basically a cash registry and is used by the bride and groom to request cash gifts instead of physical items.

The idea behind the Honeymoon registry is that the couple can have all or part of their honeymoon funded by cash gifts in lieu of getting things like toasters and cutlery sets.

It allows the happy couple to save money on the cost associated with their honeymoon because the trip will be paid by cash donations from friends and family. Using a honeymoon registry also allows the couple the hassle of returning unwanted gifts that were bought by people who mistakenly bought things but did not update the wedding gift registry.

It lets friends and family know exactly what the couple is looking for and lets them know the preferred gift is cash and not household items.

The couple will set up the details of their honeymoon and customize the registry to show the breakdown of all the different parts. One example I saw listed the various items:

  • Visas
  •  Hotel fees
  •  Horseback riding
  •  Airfare costs

and the items were broken down into manageable amounts for guests to contribute to. If the total airfare cost $1500 for example, it could be broken down into 30 slots at $50 each so that guests did not have to cough up the total on their own.

This is a good breakdown of the cost since the couple might have registered for a bedding set or some other item that might have cost $50 anyway!

The registry works the same way that a traditional registry works but it just allows for the couple to get cash instead of household items.

This is still a fairly new trend in weddings because a lot of people do not like giving cash and would prefer to give traditional gifts to the happy couple.

I recommend having a small traditional registry so that people have the choice of giving a gift or giving cash and everyone is satisfied.

Do you think that having a Honeymoon registry instead of a Wedding gift registry is trashy or classy?