I am rapidly losing the fight against the air conditioner since it is getting so hot these days. I have been trying to hold off as long as possible before turning on the unit and just making do with the fans and open windows in some cases so that I can save money.

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It has been terribly hot lately, especially at night and I think I am about to cave in and turn on the air conditioner really soon. The thing is that while I can take advantage of the breeze we sometimes get during the day, I cannot leave my windows open at night while I am sleeping. I do run the bedroom fan while I sleep but even this is proving to be not enough and I will have to turn on some cool air so that I am not sweltering at night!

air conditioner

The thing is that we have central air and have the big systems outside of the buildings. I know the neighbors all have their air conditioners running because I live on the ground floor and my room is next to the units for my building. I can hear everyone’s units firing up all day long so I guess I am the only lunatic trying to brave the heat so far.

How long do you hold out before turning on your air?