Everyone knows you can save money by ditching DoorDash if you currently use it. I know this but I wanted to give it a try during my birthday month. It ended up being expensive so I’m going to save money by ditching DoorDash and cooking more at home.

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DoorDash is convenient but it is also quite expensive. You get the ease of having food delivered to your door which is great when you need it. If you are sick or really tired it can save you having to drive. If the location is in a busy area and you want to avoid the hassle then the service is also great.

However you are paying a lot for this convenience. I never paid attention to the prices and ordered food a few times last month. Then I decided to check the prices and noticed every item was $2 to $3 more than the price on the online menu. In addition there was a delivery fee PLUS you are expected to tip the driver. This can add up as I quickly realized when I ordered a single item, using a credit and still paid more than I would have if I picked it up myself.

The experience was fun during my birthday month but moving forward I will save money by ditching DoorDash.