According to this story on MSN you can turn to student medical personnel and save money on medical bills.

I am not too sure about some of the procedures but there are a few things you can do to save. I get my teeth cleaned by dental students all the time. They are not full fledged dentists but they perform the work under the supervision of real dentists.

I also get my x-rays done and this saves soooooooooo much money. I think for simple things like a cleaning or x-rays you can take the student since the job is so simple.

Now when it comes to having a filling put in I would really want someone with more experience.

The same goes for getting hair care from an apprentice. I would let the trainee wash my hair or even just do a trim on the ends. When it comes to a complicated process like getting highlights or a relaxer then I would want the person who has more experience.

I say go for it…they need the experience and you need the lower price that comes with having a trainee take care of you.