I am always looking for ways to save money and I keep stressing that we need to think a little bit differently to get the best deal. I just proved this by shopping in a different department for clothing and boy did I get a great deal.

I was in the market for a yellow polo shirt to wear on casual Fridays at work, since our school colors include yellow. I had heard of a teacher store that sold shirts….but when I checked them out the shirts were a bit on the expensive side.

I then decided to go Walmart (where else?) to see if I could get a shirt because a polo is a polo right? I went to the women’s section but could not find a medium shirt (why does everyone wear my size?) and then I moved over to the girls section. I found a polo shirt that was a good quality, with thick material that looked like it could handle many washings and wearings.

The shirt cost $13 which is not too bad and I was about to buy it when I remembered that I get socks in the mens department for less than the cost in the womens department so I skipped (yes I DID) over to the mens department on the hunt for a yellow polo shirt.

There were none that fit me since I would need a small in the male sizes to fit me. I made yet another trip over to a department that was not mine to see if I could find a good deal.


YellowPoloI found a yellow polo shirt in the boys department that was the same size as the one in the women’s section that fit me. Now the size is obviously different as I had to go the ‘husky boys’ section but I got a shirt. And better yet it only cost $6.

That’s right, $6 in the boys section compared to $13 in the women and girls sections.

I got what I wanted and saved money on it too as I was prepared to shell out the $13 initially for the shirt. My point here is to try to think outside of what you normally do in order to get a deal and don’t be afraid to try new things as you never know what lies just outside your boundaries.