You can save money with the minimum purchase for online orders. Most sites will have a shipping cost associated with buying anything online. In many cases you can get to a minimum purchase amount and waive the shipping costs.

This means you pay only the cost of the items plus any applicable tax. You will save the money on shipping costs because you simply avoid paying them.

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I’ve been ordering my items as much as possible for delivery to my home recently. This has generally been an option for me but I would also utilize the in store pickup feature. Now, because of the virus and other tension I rather stay home and stay safe.

To that end I take full advantage of having my items dropped off at my doorstep instead of me risking going out. My favorite store has a minimum purchase of $35 before you qualify for the free shipping. This means I need to really pay attention to:

  • what I am running low on
  • when it is running out

I have to time my purchases so that I can get the items I need and avoid paying additional money for shipping costs. In many cases this is easy as I have been able to bulk purchase items. My bulk purchases usually last me about a month and a few items run out around the same time.

In some cases however, I may have items that are getting low on stock but they might not be needed too close into the near future. My goal is to still place them in my shopping cart. That way they can be ready to submit at moment’s notice once I hit the free shipping threshold.