I have a simple wind down night routine to get me settled for the night. It is very simple but it helps me focus on relaxing my mind and getting into sleep mode.

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I’ve been noticing that many people have very complicated routines or none at all. I believe you can have a morning routine and a night routine that are simple. Your night routine will make things a little automatic the more you do them.

I won’t go into deep detail of every step but here is my simple wind down night routine:

  • Tidy up kitchen
  • Tidy up living room
  • Shower prep
  • Bed time

I like to keep my routine simple because then it does not feel like a chore. If my night routine is simple then it will be easier to stick with. What I do in each step may vary slightly, but I do tackle each step in some form or fashion every night. I have an alarm on my phone for 8:30 every night. This alarm is calming tone, not a jarring ‘you need to wake up right now’ tone. Once the alarm sounds I go around and start all the steps below.

Tidy up kitchen

What I do here is load up the dishwasher if I hadn’t run it earlier that day, and quickly wash down the sink. I try to tidy up the counters but don’t spend more than five minutes doing so. If there is anything that can go in my lunch box for the next day then I pack that as well. Any cold items will get packed in the morning before I leave.

Tidy up living room

Here I spend about five minutes to tidy up the space. I put away as many of the cat’s toys as I can find and fold any blankets used during the day. Remotes and loose items go into their bins, so there isn’t a mess lying around.

Shower prep

I turn on my diffuser in the bedroom so I can have it running while I sleep. I pull out my outfit for work the next day and get my pjs ready for the night. I brush my teeth, shower, and do some skin care.

Bed time

Now I don’t go to bed directly out of the shower. I put on my pjs and go back to the living room to watch ONE more show before going to bed. Then I read for a few minutes, either my bible or a novel, pray, and turn out the lights for bed.