Five dollar!!

Five dollar bonus!!!!!

I recently logged int0 my Discover credit card account saw that I had some cash back money waiting on me.

I have a balance of $46.97 in my account which I could redeem for cash OR I could get a CVS gift card for $50 by using up $45. Woo hoo.

Guess which one I chose.

Well of course I chose the CVS gift card since you all know how much I love to go shopping for stuff at CVS…especially when I get it for FREEEEEEEE.

By opting for the CVS gift card I am gaining an extra $5 that I would not have gotten if I redeemed for the cash. This $50 gift card will go a LONG way at CVS when combined with coupons and sales so I am looking forward to getting it in the mail.

I got this cashback money for using my credit card to pay for everything from rent to groceries and since I do not carry a balance on this card and pay it in full every month I am winning on this one.

Now I know that some of you would have taken the cash and then used it to pay the credit card (this is an option with Discover) but I did not want to do that.

I prefer to get the gift card so I can optimize my runs to CVS to get items for low cost or even free. I do not worry about the payment on the credit card because I only put things that are within my budget and the card is paid off in full every month.