As of April 29th my credit scores were as follows:

  • Experian 739
  • Equifax 729
  • Transunion 748

These scores are all in the excellent range but they were not able to help me get a better rate on my car loan because I am currently upside down on the car loan.

I noticed that I am listed on some credit cards that do not ‘belong’ to me in the strictest sense of the word. Honey added me as an authorized user on two of his credit cards and they are both showing up on my credit report. While this is good because he is very responsible and it shows me as having more available credit, I wonder if it is hurting me as well.

I considered having Honey remove me from those two credit cards because I was worried that it might show up as me having too many open credit card lines. Having too many open credit cards shows up as a negative to some lenders because, according to the notes on the credit report, they see you as overextending yourself with credit cards.

Lenders see you as a risk because at any time you might just decide to max out all of those cards and not have enough money to pay them off.

I decided that I will just keep things as they are because these scores are good and I have been really careful. I am just hoping they go up some more so that I can use that as leverage to get Citi to lower the rate on my credit card.