So I got my mother to the hospital today for the initial checkup and they decided to admit her because she was dehydrated. The parking for the entire day was $4 and I was going to pay this when I ended up talking to the valet.

He sympathised with me and gave me a free pass for the day so I ended up saving the $4 on parking today.

Mother is going through a rough time (and so am I) so please keep us in your prayers. She has cancer…..and I will find out more tomorrow. I drove the 60 miles  up to the hospital today and then drove back down in the afternoon so I could get the things she needs to take back to the hospital. I will be driving back up tomorrow and might spend the night or drive some more.

I will be getting $10 worth of day passes (5 total) because I am not sure how many times I will be leaving and going to the hospital.