Last month I began an effort to declutter and I changed the way I used my hand soap. I thought I would give you an update since it has been one month since started this attempt.

The soaps I used last month were Ghoul Friend, in the bathroom and Poolside Punch, in the kitchen.

hand soaps

Soap usage

  • Bathroom soap is about halfway
  • Kitchen soap is almost full


After one month of use I am about halfway through the bathroom soap. I have not even made a dent in the kitchen soap. Now before you shudder at the thought of me not washing my hands in the kitchen, let me explain.

I wear gloves when doing anything in the kitchen that does not involve cooking. So when I clean or wash dishes I am wearing gloves. I do not wear gloves when cooking and that is the time I actually wash my hands using the hand soap.

I also have a habit of grabbing the dish washing liquid to wash my hands since that is what I did before I started buying soaps specifically for the kitchen. To combat this, I will move the dish washing liquid to the other side of the sink where I cannot easily reach for it. This will force me to use the soap instead!