I am on a mission to declutter some stashes and I need to burn some candles. I decided to do a series called Mission Declutter, where I will focus on reducing stashes. To do this I will need to use up some item completely.

Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite and I currently have a small stash of them in the closet. I like alternating my scents and will burn two candles per day. I am not like some people who will light two at the same time. Instead I will burn one for about three hours, extinguish it and light the other for the same time.

Currently have 16 candles, bought over at least a year and a half, in various stages of use. The Christmas candles will be coming out soon and I know that I will want a few of those scents.

My mission now is to deliberately keep one of my two daily burns as a target candle that I will completely use up. The current target is Sundrenched Vineyard!

candle sundrenched vineyard

This is a candle from the summer collection and it really does smell like wine! The notes of this candle are:

-Rich fruit

-White wine grapes


I get a nice wine scent when this candle is lit. Even though it was a summer scent it has a warm and cozy tone to it. This is something I would continue to light during the cooler months but it is on my target to finish up.

Burn plan

The plan is to keep this scent out and only rotate the secondary candle. This way I can burn the Sundrenched Vineyard candle daily until it is used up. I will then pick a new target candle and follow the same procedure. Some candles, like this one are very low and may be done in three days at this rate. I just really need to finish them up so I can have less clutter in the closet.

Do you have a stash that you need to reduce? What steps are you taking to declutter?