I have been making money with Google Surveys for a few months now and  wanted to share that with you. Google surveys are on an app which you download free if you have an Android phone. I am not sure if it is available for iPhone but I am sure you can check that to see.

The app is called Rewards in the play store but the actual program is Google Opinion Rewards.

google surveys

Google randomly sends you very short surveys and you answer them and earn money towards purchases. I just realized I have not been adding my Google surveys payments to my income. The reason for this is that I immediately spend that income on some online games I play. I don’t count the spending in my monthly budget since it is not actual cash coming in to my accounts. The same reasoning applies to not counting the income from the surveys.

If I had to spend actual money on the online games this would come off my credit card. Those transactions would count as outflows in my weekly financial updates.

The surveys are very short, usually about 3 to 5 questions and they are very easy. You only get a few cents for each answer but they add up over time. As you can see below, the amounts can range from $0 to about $1.00 per survey and your total (not shown) accumulates over time.

google payouts

I use this credit to pay for purchases in a few games that I play casually online. I  save money by not spending on my credit card. This is not a way to get rich but it does help if you play online games and do not want to spend the cash.