I have gone seven months without television and I am still sane. This does not mean that I have not watched any television programming, it just means that I have not watched my television set for seven months. I have been watching the shows that I want to watch on Hulu and I find that watching online television suits me better.

I simply go online to find shows I might be interested and and subscribe to them via Hulu. When the show becomes available it is added to my queue on Hulu and I watch at my own leisure. No longer do I have to run home if I am out just to make it in time to see House MD. No longer do I have to stay up past my regular bed time to see NCIS. I do end up watching most shows one or two days later than they originally aired but I am not one for water cooler talk so that does not bother me.

I don’t think that not having the television on has made an impact on my electric bill because I now have the computer on more than I used to in the past. The good thing is that I am usually multitasking on the computer so I might be watching a show and cutting coupons or editing a document at the same time. Since I am able to work continuously without having to break at specific times to watch a program I think that I am being a little bit more productive…or at least I hope so.