Hello everyone,

I would just like to apologize to everyone who reads How I Save Money and all those who link to me as well. Yesterday I had a major meltdown of the blog and all my posts from the last week have disappeared. My blogroll and most of the formatting also disappeared. All of my links also disappeared. I was not messing around with the settings so this seems to be a problem over at the server. Honey contacted them and they said it will take 24 to 48 hours to resolve and most likely they will only be able to restore posts up to May 4th. This means I will have to repost everything from my feeds so do not be alarmed if you are missing a link from me.

Just to be safe if I was linked to you can you send me an email or post a comment here so that I can get you back on my blogroll please. I am really sorry about what happened but I do not know what is going on or what exactly will be repaired when the host is back up.

I did have some posts scheduled to go out over the next few days but these too seem to have been lost somewhere so bear with me if the posting over the next few days is sporadic.