After a few miserable days without the blog, How I Save Money is back! Thanks to all the readers who sent me emails and told me to hang in there. The issue with the host is still NOT resolved and the major work on the back end was done by the incredible Baz from WebDev. Thank you so, so, SO very much….I was going through blog withdrawal symptoms from not being able to post anything because I was afraid it would get lost.

Now that my categories are back (and the host has not fixed the problem…..more on that later) I now have to go back and MANUALLY reassign each post to the various categories so that all my links will work. This will take some time because I have over 400 posts to wade through…so please bear with me.

However, I do ask that if you are linked to a post and you notice that YOUR link is not working then please send me an email or leave a comment and I will fix it.

I am happy to be back.