I am away from my family and most of my friends so I do not have to do Christmas shopping. I got cards for a few people that I work with….but that was not a big number. I am sending cards to my family at home so all I have to worry about is the cost of the cards and postage.

I am getting something for Honey and I was going to stop there but then his mother is coming up to spend Christmas with us. This means that I need to get her a gift because it would look bad to have one gift for him under the tree and not have one for her too.

I could have given him his gift early and not give her one…but that would just be wrong! Now I saw something that I wanted to give her and opened it up to settle everything and then ended up liking it so much that I took it for myself.

Now I needed to go back to the store to get her something for herself since I ended up taking part of HER gift for myself.

Although I bought stuff for the same gift twice I did end up not spending as much money as I would have if I was at home with my family or in the other place with my friends. I made sure to put the gift on my Chase Freedom card so that I could make the most of my cash back rewards and I have already sent the cost of the gifts over to the credit card company.

Since the cash is gone it feels like I paid with cash because now I do not have that money in my ING account to tempt me.

Everyone is going to get a phone call from me since that will be much cheaper than trying to buy a bunch of gifts and then get them all shipped off.