After reading When does frugal become plain old cheap I decided to take a look at my life to see where I fit in. I too grew up with not much money and always had to ‘make things stretch’. I have come to the conclusion that I am just plain old cheap. Ha ha.

I am the one who eats before I go out with friends so that I can order the cheapest thing on the menu. The exception to that is when I bust a move to go to Red Lobster for my birthday. Then it’s on!

I don’t go to clubs around here because they are mostly too expensive. If there is a special for ladies to get in free before a certain time then you KNOW I will be there but that is about it. When I get inside the club I order a soda and sip on that all night. I also ask for a separate glass of ice and let that melt and hey I have water to drink too!

I don’t like clothes so I do not have to worry about spending money. Now this does not mean that I run about the place naked….it just means that I do not follow what is in style at the time. I just feel very comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt and flip flops or sneakers……so that is what I basically wear all year round. I do have some dresses and cutesey tops and other stuff like that but I reserve it for ‘occasions’ and live in my jeans and tees. That is another reason why I love being in school because you can get away with dressing like that all the time.

Yeah I am frugal because I do the fluorescent light thing but then I got cheap when I did the solar light thing and the candle thing here. I was being frugal when I came up with the 25 ways I save money but then some of those things could be taken to the extreme and look like I was just being cheap.

It is a very thin line that is easy to cross and I keep skipping back and forth over it….but hey I am a broke student struggling under a mountain of debt so bah!