A not so funny thing happened recently at work. My department was supposed to sponsor a breakfast and I opted to bring plates and forks since I did not want to cook was not familiar with the theme of the breakfast.

I eat breakfast as soon as I get up from bed so I did not want to eat anything when I got to the lunch room.

I walked into the room to be greeted by an assortment of (jelly filled) pastries, fruit and sodas.


Soda for breakfast?

I was glad I had eaten at home so I just grabbed an apple for later. My co-workers immediately pounced on my choice.

Is that all you’re going to eat?

No I had breakfast at home. This is my snack for later.

You had breakfast at home? Why? Are you on some special diet?

Are you on medication?

Did your doctor tell you not to drink soda?

No, I just don’t think I need to have Pepsi for breakfast.

So you just decided not have soda for breakfast? Wow, I wish I had your willpower!

It is not a big deal. This (*Save Money indicates the assortment of food on the table*) is just not my idea of breakfast.

One person even asked me why I was not going to eat the pastries. (this after I explained that I was not hungry and the food was not to my taste).

There was a man in there who muttered under his breath “Because she does not want to end up looking like you“.

I laughed at that one, took my apple and walked out of the room.

As I left I could hear people still talking about my willpower….and how they don’t understand how I could pass up all this ‘good food’.