I have been seeing people talking about Redbox for a long time but never paid much attention to it since I always got movies from a friend. I also used Netflix for a little while but did not really watch that many movies.

I got rid of my cable a long time ago and have just been using Hulu to watch shows or I would also get them from various sites. I decided that I really wanted to see a few movies over the weekend so I decided to try out Redbox since there was one in the store where I was doing my grocery shopping.

There are no instructions on the Redbox kiosk!!!!

I stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out where I would get my DVDs. I saw on the screen that I could pick movies but only saw a little slot to swipe my card and could not find the opening where the movies would come out. I looked around the side of the machine and still could not figure it out so after about a minute of clicking the screen to look like I knew what I was doing I decided to check out and maybe I would see where the movies would come out.

Turns out there was another vending machine on the right side that had something obstructing the slot where the DVDs would come out but I did not think to look there because that was a toy machine. It was badly placed so it was confusing for me but I finally got my two DVDs. Luckily there was not anyone around to see me!!!!