I will be posting an article on Frugal Frauds on Monday Feb 16 and this is the last chance to get your post in.

A Frugal Fraud is someone who talks the talk but does not walk the walk. A Frugal Fraud is someone who tells you how to save money but does not practice the art of saving money in his or her own life.

Please send in your submission of a time when you were less than frugal and let the readers decide if you were a Frugal Fraud or if you just fell off the frugal wagon for a hot minute.

I already have a few great submissions and you can get  your post featured here as well. You can submit your post in a number of ways:

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  • Email me directly at lulugal AT howisavemoney DOT net
  • Comment here and leave your link to your post

Don’t be afraid to let us know your dirty little financial secret….we ALL make mistakes!