Hey guys and gals I will be running another Cash Duck contest this month. The person who earns the most over $10 starting from now until the end of the month will win a prize.

If you have not already signed up you can click on any of the Cash Duck links or the images and become a referral right now. If you forget and go directly to the site please put my id lulugal11 as your referrer.

When you sign up to the site you will always be someone’s referral. If you do not sign up as my direct referral or someone else’s from another blog then you will be placed in the unassigned referrals. Later on, when someone uses their points to ‘buy’ a referral then you will be assigned to that person.

The last time I ran this competition it was well received since many people were just trying to increase their own Cash Duck earnings and they saw the bonus from me as just a little incentive.

The beginning stats of my current referrals are as follows:

Username Last Active Cash feathers
AtomicElephant18 March 15, 2007 0.4000 0.2000
b2mje112 March 14, 2007 2.6250 2.1000
bazil749 March 08, 2007 6.9750 2.4000
mamameg312 February 27, 2007 1.4000 2.5000
shebee28 February 26, 2007 0.0500 0.1000
MOMLADY January 22, 2007 0.0000 0.0000
kpallanck January 17, 2007 0.0000 0.0000
teljhin January 17, 2007 1.0750 1.5000
jjrussll January 16, 2007 3.0000 1.0000
pegasus_hoofbeats January 05, 2007 0.0000 0.0000
stewks21 January 02, 2007 0.0000 0.0000

For those of you who do not know, Cash Duck is a get paid to try site. You sign up for trials and then you get money and points in return for your efforts.

There are many different ways to stack up your earnings ranging from taking part in the free surveys to shelling out up to $8.00 for shipping and handling of items.

For me the $1.00 trials have been the easiest way to make money. With those you simply pay a $1.00 processing fee to try out a service for a trial period. These can range from 7 days to 1 month, depending on the item. You then cancel the trial before the trial period ends and you owe nothing.

You get credited for trying out the service and you can make anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 with these items.

In some cases you are asked to pay more like if you order a trial of a certain tooth whitening system.

However, the more money you spend the more you make. Then when your account balance reaches a certain amount ($10.00 for PayPal and $20.00 for a paper check) then you can withdraw the money and get paid.

You get paid around the 20th to the 25th of the month and the money really comes in quite handy.

I will run this competition until March 31st at 9:00pm. Then the person with the highest increase over $10.00 will will a gift card from me. Once you become a member you can use your own referral links to get your own referrals and then you begin to earn a percentage of what they make.

I will count referral earnings as part of the competition amount so don’t be afraid to promote Cash Duck on your blog and get your own referrals.