Okay this post is not about my personal finance odyssey but rather about a site called My Financial Odyssey. I am linking here because they linked to me first and this prompted me to go over and have a look to see what the site was all about. When I got there I noticed a few things that got my attention so I decided to link back.

This site is dedicated to managing finances. It is a fairly young blog at the time of this posting but the articles contained are of good quality in my opinion. There are posts and topics that I love such as these on ING (ING rocks!) and then there are those I do not support such as the manual envelope system…but I still respect because it works for some people.

I think I have something sort of similar to the electronic envelope system but I do not call it that. I have my money budgeted in Microsoft Money and I am going to use Electric Orange to pay off everything that I can. But I digress.

One thing I like about the site is that it is very clean and well organized and has some goals laid out in detail that anyone who is interested can look at and track to see how the odyssey really goes. I think this is one site to look out for as I think it will do very well in the future. I do appreciate the link to me and you will be seeing My Financial Odyssey on my blogroll coming soon.

Plus I think I am the first blog to link back to them (according to what I see on technorati anyway) so when they do blow up and get HUGE then I will be the # on their list.

Great reads….I am reading all of their posts now. Enjoy!